Cranleigh and Bramley Parish is part of the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton and in the Guildford Deanery.
We have two Churches – St Thomas More in Bramley and Jesus Christ Redeemer of Mankind in Cranleigh.  

Our Mission is to make Christ known by active discipleship and service to the local community through the Gospel in everything we do, say and pray.

The Holy Mass is at the centre of our community life and we have a celebration on most days but Sunday – the Lord’s Day – is the most important.  All are welcome.

This parish is part of the Dioceses of Arundel & Brighton.  The Arundel & Brighton Diocesan Trust is a registered charity no 252878


Dear Brothers and Sisters In this newsletter you will find a report from the Parish Finance Committee on the Parish Financial results for 2016.  This is a more detailed version than the one which appeared in the newsletter last week and also this week.  Please read it in time for the AGM which will be …

A&B eNews

Welcome to A&B eNews Welcome to this further edition of the A&B eNewsletter which focuses on National and International events and information. I have included a reminder about 24 Hours for the Lord, a time of prayer during Lent encouraged by Pope Francis. It would also be a good time to pray for our Pope …


All the sacraments of the Church take their power from the Paschal Mystery of Easter in which Jesus, who was crucified, rose from the dead and is now alive and working in the Church to forgive, heal, strengthen and order all of creation is encountered afresh.  The Church administers the Sacraments in His name and they become real, life giving encounters with the Risen Christ.

In the Catholic Church, there are seven sacraments:
BaptismConfirmation – Eucharist – the Sacraments of initiation

Reconciliation and Healing – the Sacraments of forgiveness and renewal.

Holy Orders and Holy Matrimony – the Sacraments of Order


Pokot” is the name we have given to our Parish project for the relief of poverty and disease, coupled with the spreading of Christ’s gospel of love and development to the people in the Third World.

  The project currently supports two Missions run by the Holy Ghost Fathers in East Pokot, a remote and impoverished region of Kenya.  The predominant tribe there is the Pokot people, hence the name of the region and our project.  The area is subject to frequent droughts and food shortages, at times approaching famine proportions.

You can find out about the Barpello Mission and Rotu Mission on these pages, along with the Camel Project.  You can also read the POKOT diary of the development on these areas through the generosity of the Pound a Week Group amongst others.

The Pound a Week Group was set up specifically to raise funds for selected projects in East Pokot.  As its name suggests, members try to give a £1 each week or whatever they can afford.  Donations are made in little orange envelopes put in the collection baskets at weekend Masses.  Some parishioners prefer to pay monthly or yearly.  Donations can be Gift Aided and apart from recording those donations for HMRC purposes, no separate record is kept of members or their donations.  Parishioners simply give what they can afford whenever they can afford it.

Since our new Parish was formed in 2006 from the Cranleigh and Bramley parishes, the Pound a Week Group has sent the Missions in East Pokot more than £93,000.  We have supported the camel project, the medical and food programmes; and nine members of the Group are currently paying the fees for thirteen children at the Barpello school.  The Mission there played a major role in tackling a cholera outbreak a couple of years ago and Fr David told us that the Pound a Week Group was the first to respond to his appeal for emergency funding to help tackle the disease.

Reports from Pokot about the work of the Missions are included in the Parish Newsletter from time to time and in the POKOT Diary, but if you would like to know more about “Pokot” and the Pound a Week Group, please contact the Parish organiser of the Group , Eugene McGivern, at emcgivern@btopenworld.com